Please buy my work

2007- ….

2007. In front of Palazzo Grassi. illegal. during the press opening.


I wanted to use the technics of graffiti, and to talk about graffiti. All of this work is illegal, and this possibility of sharing your message to the world when and if you want it, was something very important to me, that I wanted to share in a more « contemporary » way.
As many can tell, graffiti is not the aesthetic result, it’s more about the energy around and communication and political consequences.
That’s why I asked people to buy and show my work, but it was really important to me to not have any classical art piece to sell, to make people understand that my work was this process of succeding in fixing a banner, and sharing my message.
In this thinking, at that time I also went to sell time spent with me..
To answer to a commun question, my aim was not that Pinault would buy my work, I was more talking about the thoughts of these artists making all of this very decorative « contemporary art » pieces made to be sold in art fairs, that I didn’t really liked, as I wanted to be a communication/political/guerilla/graffiti/conceptual artist.

Of course, this message has differents level of comprehension, because I knew it would bring a lot of attention to me, to this point where Pinault could buy, and even if I claimed to be on another field than these contemporary classical artists I had fun on, would I be less controversial if I had accepted that Pinault bought my work?


2008. illegal. during the opening of the Fiac.


French Tv news. About the 2008 Fiac edition.


Art Basel Miami. Illegal action. press opening.


New Museum. illegal intervention.


Tate Modern. illegal intervention. during the press opening of « Pop Life: Art in a material world. »



Opening of Punta della Dogana. illegal intervention.


Venice Biennale. Illegal intervention.





Thanks a lot to the New-York team Jorge and Geo, to Stella, and to all the people I don’t name who helped me 😉


Punta della Dogana, helium intervention preparatives







making a banner